Just like Aries Fab12ve has a confident and aggressive streak. So if standing out in the market is your goal, Fab12ve is your company. Acrylic is the most commonly used material in all kinds of fabrication. We provide a wide range of acrylic products made of acrylic fibre and plastic. Not only do we produce standard gondolas, promotional stands, nameplates, picture frames, shields, brochure holders and napkin/coaster holders, we can custom-make designs which are exclusive to you.


Taurus and Fab12ve share the attributes of steadiness and reliability when it comes to the delivery of a job. When the job involves wood, in particular, we put our joinery unit in motion. Equipped with the latest machines and a meticulous carpentry team, Fab12ve produces wooden flooring, office furniture, living room and bedroom units, roofs, door sets, signage, cubicles, receptions and much more.


The Gemini star sign symbolises great social and communication skills. At Fab12ve we make our products speak out for your brand by creating exhibition stands that are creative and interactive. To make matters easier for you, we can even have your made-to-specs exhibition material executed, assembled and installed in a short timeframe anywhere across the UAE.


Adaptability is one of the virtues of Cancer. Fab12ve uses this trait to enhance the visibility of communication for all its brands - and designs, develops and installs signage that truly stands apart. Luckily for you, we can produce bespoke crystal-studded signage for hi-end boutiques to engraved wooden plaques for offices, in addition to safety or warning indicators in a variety of materials ranging from metal and acrylic to wood and stone.


Optimism and confidence are the characteristics of a Leo. But we can invoke these feelings in you no matter what your star sign. For instance, we offer laser and inkjet digital printing, which is an inexpensive option when the budgets are limiting. Or the best option when printing really small quantities of brochures, catalogues, calendars, folders, stationery; or large format for banners, billboards, posters, duratrans, canvas and tarpaulin.


Fab12ve and the star sign Virgo are perfectionists by nature. While the world focuses on the big picture, we focus on the details. And it’s the details that separate one Screen Printing job from another. Screen Printing is a popular printing procedure when versatility and economy are called for. This printing technique enables you to have personalised designs on paper, glass, metal, plastic, nylon and even cotton.

Home & Office

Libra embodies balance and expression. Likewise, we at Fab12ve make spaces unique, comfortable and a reflection of you. Add a touch of refinement to your office interiors with tailor-made tables, chairs, desks, cabinets, cabin partition in acrylic, aluminium, metal or wood. Or refurbish your kitchen, bedroom, living room or even your garden for a fresh new look. Interiors can now be off your worry list.


Scorpions are driven and passionate. A defining feature of Fab12ve. No detail is too insignificant for us. Even the simple task of cutting is accomplished by hi-tech laser machinery for the most precise results – in any material of your choice. This helps us to be more responsible towards the environment, as precisely cut material sheets can be reused and recut to minimise wastage, and also pass on the savings to you.


Sagittarians believe in freedom and inspiration, sentiments that Fab12ve holds dear too. Even though media innovations have seen a boom in recent years Vehicle Graphics still remain a remarkably efficient medium to inspire consumers with your brand message. Increase your brand exposure overnight with simple car graphics to complete bus wrapping - designed, printed and applied by Fab12ve.

Modular Stands

Fab12ve’s sincerity and professionalism are not too dissimilar to the Capricorn’s. Therefore all solutions provided are designed to give you an added advantage over the competition. We develop Modular Stands and Kiosks that are innovative, flexible and reusable. Making them cost effective and versatile. With light boxes, literature holders, multimedia screens, and more, added as per requirement. To make the task entirely stress-free for you the transportation and installation can also be taken care of.

Store Fit-outs

Just like Aquarians we are problem-solvers. And it’s most evident in the way we can solve your issues of branding your store. Whether just revamping an existing space or opening a new one, you can trust us for imaginative and innovative store fit-out designs. We make the most of any space with clever space-saving ideas for shelving units, cabinets, reception, changing rooms and other such needs. If you’d rather we manage the entire 360º – from conceptualisation through to installation – that’s also possible.

Concept & Design

Pisces are known to be intuitive and creative. Fab12ve too prides itself on not being run of the mill. Perhaps why, unlike other fabrication companies, we offer you Concepts & Designs too. Providing a holistic one-stop shop service. So if you are looking for an idea that is fresh, exciting and dynamic - which can be executed quickly and within budget - give us a ring. We’ll be happy to help.